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What’s up readers!!!

So this month has been a bit crazy for us, with the whole new feature and all to add into our work load of sitting on our asses uploading photos of the many Party Rockers of LA and Automotive Events coverage photos over a nice bowl of ramen, Now we have to sit on our asses and look over photos of Gorgeous Models and pick and choose who we want to have for the following months (sounds stressful right? hehehe ).

Well, all in all we think you are all beautiful young beings and we thank you so much for all of your views and hits from last month featuring Lynhthy making Model of the Month a hit !!!

April kind of crept up on us didn’t it?  You know what that means readers?  SPRING BREAK IS JUST RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER.  That small amount of time for college students to get crazy just for a little bit and for those a bit older to join in on the fun! (no pedo-bear pun intended!) Usually Spring break always brings back memories of BBQ’s, Beaches, and my favorite, Babes in Bikinis!

To kick off Spring Break and April’s Model of the Month we have one of my Favorite Babes in a Bikini that can be found Shakin her booty all over Hollywood’s Night Clubs is Miss Natalia Marie.  A household name to all of Los Angeles Car shows and Events such as Spocom , Hot Import Nights , Extreme Auto Fest and Formula Drift as NOS Energy Drinks Top Tier booth babes.

Enjoy ^_^


So Natalia, What’s a hidden Talent you have?

What can’t I do is a better question lol

Let’s say you were stranded on an island , and you could either have a choice of a merman top half man , and bottom half fish , or a Fishman…. Top half fish and bottom man which one would you pick to be on the island with you?

Aquaman, what?!  Honestly neither would work they need to be in the water annnd I’m stuck on land.

Quick! Seattle or Los Angeles? (No pressure!)

Los Angeles duuh that’s why I’m here and not there.

What’s your favorite side of your nationalities?

Well I only know my filipino side soooo Filipino.

What’s your favorite part about spring break?

The randomness of things that occur when students have a week off. Vodka diaries lol

Would you rub sun tan lotion all over my …..Back?

Sure, would you do me?

You’re a bit of a foodie am I right? I mean every time we go eat it somewhere awesome! Where is your most favorite spot to grub on these hot days?

I love California Fish Grill in Gardena and Cherrystones as well, but to cool down I say Eatalian Cafe they make their own homemade gelato.

Who’s your favorite Power Ranger?

Don’t hate me, but no on power rangers, I’m a ninja turtle girl.

Can you speak any other languages other than English and the universal language of love? *winks eye*

I can’t speak fluently but I dabble in Japanese, Tagalog, Serbian, and I read, write, and dance the language of love.

So let’s say you and I are in a living room sitting on a couch, getting real close ….wanna play a video game??  Which one??

Yes and omg there’s too many good ones, how about some Donkey Kong Country for wii then Disney’s Universe, and I wanna try playing Assassin’s Creed it looked awesome at E3, then sum Street Fighter or Mortal Combat.

I hate Hello Kitty…..what now?

You don’t like a cute pussy?  Sounds like a personal problem

What makes YOU Rock LA??

My approach, and the love of wearing things that breaks necks.

What’s your drink of choice at the club?

Kaluha and bailey’s shot chilled, it’s a good pick me up

Pink or Brown….?


What’s in store for the future?

Mo money, mo problems. Lol I see bright lights and super hot weather.

Any one you would like to thank?

You for having me, and my family for supporting me, all my friends for the love and encouragement, and to all my fans for keeping me in your hearts and pushing me forward. xoxoxoxo


Keep up with Natalia Marie on her Twitter… MsNataliaMarie !


Photos by Tram Tran and Andrew Ho

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